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We are An Established Provider Of IoT Solutions

Smart Devices & Electronics Design​​

Telecommunications is one of the fastest developing industries. The amount of data is constantly growing, and companies are looking for ways to manage their data to obtain a clearer picture of their processes. Telecommunication companies are developing new ways of transmitting data. This development has brought us to the point where we need to know various protocols to achieve the desired mode of communication with relevant stakeholders, locally and/or globally. Then we can, depending on a given challenge, choose the optimal communication protocol (LTE-M, NB-IoT, BLE, Wi-Fi etc.) and design the corresponding hardware and the software to offer you a smart device that meets your needs.

Mobile & Web Applications​

Companies want to receive regular updates on their processes. Therefore, we offer you to receive the desired information through a dedicated web/mobile application on your selected IT device (mobile device, laptop or PC). Our team is experienced in designing and developing user-friendly applications, both standalone and the ones increasing your devices' functionality.

AI solutions

To enhance the speed, precision, and effectiveness of our customers' efforts, we integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms into our solutions. Based on our experiences, we are capable of successfully transforming these AI-based solutions to other applications.

CE Certification Support​

International standards and directives are becoming increasingly complex. To meet the requirements for putting a technical product on the market, companies must invest a lot of effort and knowledge into this field. Our practical experiences enable us to offer you our expertise to design your product in a way that it meets the essential requirements of the CE certification (RoHS, LVD, EMC, RED, ATEX etc.).





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We Provide Everything You Need, To Put Your Idea To Market

Market Overview​

Once a company outlines its goals, it has to put focus on the market. The critical thing to do is obtain information on the customer’s needs and how the proposed product addresses them. If customers do not clearly see the benefits of a product, they will not decide to purchase it. More than 15 years of marketing experience in high-end solutions allow us to support companies in correlating their needs with the market conditions.

Support And Consulting​

Our team covers different aspects of product development. We gather additional knowledge on planned activities during the start-up stage and then choose the right actions for individual development stages. Our experiences allow us to share our expertise with companies currently trying to define their early-stage activities based on the set goals. Only appropriately defined early stages enable a company to outline the required time and the resources before focusing on the final product, the production line and the market.

Product Development & Production Management​

When a company has identified its product, several product development stages are required to bring it to the final market stage. Product development starts with defining product specifications and analysis of the technology resources, continues with selecting the right technology, materials, and components, and finishes with a definition of a highly efficient production process. For a high-end product, a company must develop processes that enable complete in-house software & hardware engineering. If the product is appropriately designed, it is much easier to build the production process. Production management is a new phase in product development. On the one hand, there is a simplistic production process and, on the other hand, a high price-performance ratio enabling a company to influence the final competitive market price.

Supply Chain Management​

When a company finally defines the product and prepares everything for production, establishing the supply chain structure is the final step. First, a company must find appropriate and reliable suppliers with whom it will develop partnerships. Next, as a company starts to communicate with potential customers on the market, it must consider that its suppliers must follow quality requirements, delivery schedules, and price-performance ratios. Our supply chain and processes of defining the appropriate suppliers for different industries are already well developed.

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industries we work In

Gas Industry


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Our partners

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* The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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